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Get what you want

Get what you want I believe that there is an underlying principle that governs everything and around which every earthly operation is modeled.  A principle that once applied rightly, one can go to bed as the farmer does after he has planted his seed on a well cultivated ground, in the knowledge that he has […]

What Life Has Taught Me

What Life Has Taught Me. Life has taught me that there is no Reaction, where there was no Action; that for every Effect, there is a Cause.  We cannot reap where we did not sow.  Nature does not please one person and displeases the other .  The blessings and resources that are available to one […]

Everything is GOOD

Everything is GOOD If I deserve the suffering that comes to me, then I thank God for the opportunity to pay my debt to the immaculate universe, which in its purity and fairness ensures that each person gets only that which he truly deserves (this fairness or justice of mother-nature is the basis for that […]

Can Hard Work Make Rich

Can Hard Work Make Rich? Working hard alone cannot make one rich. If riches arose from mere hard ork or working hard, then truck pushing would probably be among the most lucrative professions.  Neither is riches dependent on academic qualifications  or brilliancy. Else the PhDs and professors would be the richest category of persons. Riches […]